Donor Profle: Elizabeth Dalzell


Donor history:  Since 2013

How did you first learn about Soulpepper?

I remember when Soulpepper launched in the late 90’s.  My husband and I went to see Soulpepper’s production of Our Town at the Royal Alex way back in 1999.  I remember being so touched by the story and by the actors’ performances.  Although we moved out of town soon after, I watched with interest as Soulpepper grew in influence and size.

What inspired you to support us? What has inspired you to continue your support?

My cousin invited my partner and I to Soulpepper at Play in the fall of 2013. It was so much fun and the performances were so incredible we were hooked!  We have been enthusiastic supporters ever since.  I joined Top Women in early 2014 – it’s proven to be a great way to entertain business associates and introduce Soulpepper to others who love live theatre as much as I do.

What would you tell someone who is thinking about giving to Soulpepper? And, why do you think the arts should be a priority for philanthropy?

The arts are a critical part of any society’s culture.  It’s entertaining but done well it’s also thought-provoking, challenging and, often, transformative.   No theatre company in Canada does this better than Soulpepper!

How do you imagine Soulpepper in 10 years?

I imagine Soulpepper with more than one location in Canada or, at a minimum, collaborating with other Canadian theatre companies on a regular basis.  Soulpepper’s Academy produces amazing talent – I would love to see even more artists provided with the opportunity to train and hone their craft.

About Soulpepper Theatre Company

Soulpepper, one of Canada's largest urban theatres, is an artist-centred company that celebrates the stories that move us and the artists who tell them. Soulpepper presents vital Canadian interpretations of the classics, and commissions, translates, and develops new work, creating a home for a diverse array of artistic expression across disciplines.
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